We here at The Comedy Corner Underground just went past yet another milestone: 11 years. 

11 years since a man with an unfortunate last name decided to clear out storage room, put some lights on a literal broom handle, and start an open mic. The world of comedy has changed pretty drastically since the first jokes were told on our stage (which at the time consisted of plywood on top of zip tied together wooden pallets). The city has added more clubs, the number performers signing up for our open mic has gone up 10x; from six on the first week, to more than sixty some weeks now. 

We've been doing everything we can to make this place into the best comic (and Bob) run club in the country.  We're a place that we always think of as a reflection of our performers - always working - always improving. With that in mind, we're coming back to you, our loyal friends\family\benevolent overlords to ask for a hand on our next round of improvements for the club.