We're hiring!

Well, kind of. We're looking for our newest volunteer to help run the club. We're a club run by comedians, and from time to when someone moves, or doesn't have time to work here anymore, we look for someone new from the Twin Cities to help out. Here's what we're looking for:

  • Someone who's an active comic in the Twin Cities (think 2+ mics every week at a minimum)
  • Someone who can work independently - you'll be running the club solo a good amount of the time
  • Someone who is both good with people, but can handle kicking a drunk out of a club
  • Someone who will also be able to handle one weekly task, outside of when they are working at the club (sending emails, washing table cloths, handling social media, etc...)
  • Someone who is available to run the club 2 nights , every month, for at least a year. You're committing in part to giving up a couple of nights a month on running the club. The average length of time someone runs the club is about 2.5 years.
  • Someone who isn't a dick, and wants to help the Minneapolis comedy community get even better. This is a lot of work, for very little in return.
  • Someone who gets this isn't a job. People usually aren't road comics who help, they have normal 9-5 jobs and this is something they're doing to either learn how to run a shows or wants to help promote MPLS comedy. We try and get newer people, as we think it's usually when it's the most beneficial to us (you have time to work) and you (you have shit to learn).

Please fill out the application below. All answers will be strictly confidential and seen solely by Bob.

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Current/Past Comedy Corner Volunteers Include:

Abby Marose
Andy Erikson
Ben Katzner
Benny Quash
Bob Edwards
Bradford Paik
Brandon Reynoso
Bryan Miller
Chloe Radcliffe
Chris Knutson
Collin Klug
Cooper Van Grol
Derek Henkels
Drew Janda
Henry Fuguitt
Jesse Towler
Marc Dickhut
Marty Loso
Micah Walsh
Mohtasham Yaqub
Nate Abshire
Patrick Susmilch
Philip Kolas
Raghav Mehta
Rana May
Ryan Kahl
Sami Dee
Senthil Rajasakran
Shelly Paul
Turner Barrowman
Zach Coulter