These are the questions we are the most sick of always answering:

Where are you located? 

1501 Washington Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Where is your entrance?

Enter through the Corner Bar, then down the stairs under the door marked "Comedy".

Do you serve food?

We do. We have a full food and drink menu. We serve the full menu from the Corner Bar.

Is there service in the room?

Yes! There is a person getting paid to bring you what you ask for during the show. 

How do I get tickets?

We use a sexy online ticketing company called yaposdy. You can see our full upcoming schedule if you click the fancy button below.

Are you handicap accessible?

We are not as of yet, we're hoping to put in a chair lift this summer (not the kind for skiing).

How old do you have to be to get in?

Shows at 8pm are 18+, show any later than that are 21+.

I have a baby. Can I bring my baby to a show?

No. We'll allow 16+ with a parent, but no kids. It's weird for everyone involved. 

Can we reserve tickets to the open mic?


How old do you have to be to perform at the Open Mic?

We'll let anyone in to perform, but if you're under 21 you have to leave Immediately after your set. We're also going to put some gigantic M's on  your hands with a sharpie so you don't go getting all clever and try to drink. If you're underage you need to tell the manager when you get to the club, otherwise risk getting banned. 

Are you single?

It depends on who is asking. 

What are you doing this weekend?

Lets just get back to the other questions people might actually care about. 

How much time will I get to perform at the open mic?

Well, it depends a little bit. Your first set you'll almost always get 3 minutes. From there we do our best to reward you for being super funny by giving you more time as you progress as a comic. 

How often will I get on at the open mic if I sign up every week?

The first time you sign up you're going to get time 99% of the time. After that, we try and get as many comics time each month as we can, so about every 2-4 weeks, if you are coming back every week. If you start kicking ass, it might be every other week, or even every week. 

What should I know before my first open mic?

Watch the clock, don't go over your time, if you see a flashing red light your mic is about to get cut, so wrap up. Also - if you sign up, show up. If you sign up and for some reason can't make it - text us at 612-492-1197 to let us know. Being a no show at the open mic is a sure fire way to get your ass banned from performing at it.