When is open mic?
Every Friday at 10:15pm. 

How long is it?
About an hour and a half.

How do I sign up for the open mic?
Go to ccug.co/mic on Friday afternoons - it should walk you through the process from there.

It's my first time performing, anything I should know?
You're going to get 3 minutes, which can be an eternity or barely enough time to say hello depending on how your set goes. Whatever you do, don't go over you time (if you see a giant flashing red light, you're pretty much there already so leave the stage right away!)

Where do I find out if I made the list?
Check ccug.co/mic/list after 9:30 on Friday, or check the wall near the sound booth. 

Any rules for performers?
The rules are posted in the green room - make sure to read them before you perform the first time. 

I'm under 21, can I still do the open mic?
Yes! You can! But, you have to sit in the green room till your set, then leave immediately after. 

Anything else I should know?
This kind of goes without saying, but don't be a dick to people. Everyone running the place does what they can to be fair about stuff. Most of the comics in the Twin Cities are genuinely nice, caring people (or as much as it's possible for that to be true for comedians.), so just try and treat everyone with respect. 

Ok, I did my first set and want to do more, what now?
Well, being a new comedian kind of sucks. We get about 50-70 comics weekly signing up for 20 spots, meaning most people don't get on, and when you're new, you're pretty much always most people. Expect to get on every 4-6 times you sign up (meaning every month and a half or so), and still get 3 minutes for the first few years when you're starting out. You'll likely be looking for a bit more stage time, so you should check out all the other shows in town you can get onto: http://www.mikebrody.com/twin-cities-open-mics.html

More questions? Shoot us a text and we'll do our best to answer. 612-492-1197