So where the hell are we?

Find us in the majestic Seven Corners area of the west bank. To be specific:

1501 Washington Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55454


We're located in the basement of the Corner Bar. You have to enter through the bar to get to us. We know. It's super confusing. Just pretend you're being super daring and going to a speakeasy or something.

We also validate parking!
(sort of)

Parking in the lot right behind the club costs $4, but the Corner Bar (the place we're inside of) takes $3 off your food or drink tab with the bottom half of the receipt. That's the lot highlighted in GREEN below. Across the street there is another lot that was $4 last time we checked (the one highlighted in yellow). Meters are off after 6, so if you happen to see one - blamo - free parking. There is one hour parking in the south of the place, and in the ramp for the Courtyard Marriott has space as well - so you should be able to find a spot within a block of the place.